Hallo Guys, welcome on this new blog and it's all about entertainment. In this first article we are going to talk about wallpapers and everything around that. Here in short all our subjects it's about were to find them, species, sizes, and what you can do with wallpapers. If you want to find some amazing wallpapers you can always go to ''google images'' just go to google and press images and there you can search for the wallpapers you want simly by searching what you like and that can be anything but make sure if your children search there the safe search from google is on so they dont see some weird pictures there. If you search for ''wallpaper 3D'' you will find nice wallpapers in 3D but 3D is just an example you can also replace it for nature, HD, abstract etc. You can also use the normal google search results were you can find some nice websites special made for wallpapers. If you take a look one of these wallpaper websites that will appear here you will see that the wallpapers are sorted out in different categories. And most of the time there is also a search bar, so that is also a really nice way to find your wallpapers. Of course you can also use other search engines than Google such as Yahoo. But of course Google is the most common and most easy search engine to use. Than if you found the right images for you it's important that you choose the right size that fits on your screen. Your device will also scale your image but sometimes that simply costs some quality. Most of the screens these days have a resolution of ''1920x1080'' better known as full HD. Full HD wallpapers are wallpapers in a really high resolution and if you combinate that whit a full HD screen you will really see the amazing quality of full high defintion. But Full HD is not the only resolution there is more such as widescreen wallpapers, dualscreen wallpapers, UHD wallpapers and many more. UHD wallpaper what stands for ultra high defintion is 4 times more sharp than full HD. Than there are also over millions of species of wallpapers. Such as Celebrties for example Justin Bieber. Ariana Grande, animals, cars, tv, series, anime, cartoons, nature. Of course this is not all and there is many many more. Now we have seen a nice website with a lot of functions and a great design but there are also more easy wallpaper sites such as planwallpaper.com. But that is good cause everybody has his own taste. Some people like it big and complicated and the other like it small and easy. But we are sure that you can find your wallpapers anyware. Wallpapers can also be used to show peoples your feelings such as love wallpapers. You can also send them to people so you can show them what style you like peacefull wallpapers or colurfull wallpapers or whatever. Or you use a wallpaper to design some giftcards for a new born baby, a sick friend, or somebody who's birthday is today. You can make it as nice as you want for that you can use some programs such as photoshop. You can also use abstract wallpapers by webdesigning to get some inspiration there. There are even wallpapers designed for powerpoint. So u can make your powerpoint presenation easily look professional. You can't even think about it or it already excist. So be creative and enjoy your wallpapers. All wallpapers are made by somebody so respect every wallpaper and author. And ask if needed for permission to use this wallpapers.